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7 steps to a Strategic Mindset

GPs are not usually experienced in business and management, and not very strategic. It’s up to the Practice Manager to provide the strategic view.

You might not have a strategic mindset but you can develop one in 7 steps:

Know your practice’s strengths and weaknesses. Get close to your practice so you know where improvement is needed and where to push harder.

Horizon scan. Maintain a broad view of the world, taking care to read the signs that shape the future strategy.

Encourage questions and debate. Ask difficult questions and invite debate, but keep it about issues not people.

See the broad picture.

Be aware of the details but not lost in them. Make sure you also stand back and see the big picture for a broader strategic view.

Reflect and think.

Take out time to reflect on what’s important and think about the future.

Be aware of your own bias.

Question your own thoughts, are they logical, swayed by emotion, or what you’ve always done? Using others to challenge your views helps you think strategically.

Understand the consequences.

Weigh up the potential impact and consequences of each decision and decide which is best for the practice.

Give it a try if you want to provide the strategic mindset for your practice.


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