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Do You Know the Risks Your Practice is Facing?

Practices are facing greater risk, and from more places, than ever before. Many won’t have considered the impact each risk could have, or what they can do to control the risk.

Practices will have their individual risks but share many others:

Failure to meet CQC standards Loss of key personnel Premises becoming unfit or unsuitable Inability to recruit Data breaches Unable to meet their financial obligations

The scrutiny of how risks are managed, and the penalties for falling foul, are greater than ever yet most practices don’t have a Risk Register.

Having a Risk Register in place helps you control the potential issues and helps you respond if the worst happens.

Your register should list the risks, with some detail for each.

Risks aren't equal so they should be rated for likeliness to occur and the impact if they do.

The measures to control each should also be included along with who ‘owns’ the risk.

You’ll never be able to anticipate everything that can go wrong but it’s worth working with your team and stakeholders to identify the major risks so you can have some plans in place.

As a final thought, if you’re a prospective PM joining a practice why not ask to see the Risk Register, it’s what you’re going to manage.


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