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How strong is your Practice Brand?

It’s a mistake to think your practice doesn’t need a brand. Your brand is your identity, representing who you are and what you do. Get it right and you’ll stand out, inspire and build trust, benefiting the whole practice.

Your brand should be one that your team easily recognise and embrace. For my practice it’s about going further to help patients, innovation, a can-do attitude and a strong team.

It’s who we are and understanding this make it easy to describe ourselves when recruiting, to new team members and those we work with.

Outwardly a clear brand gives a positive impression of the practice. It builds trust and can help attract new patients.

When recruiting, you’re more easily recognised, standing out from others with clearly distinguished characteristics, and seen as professional and a practice to trust.

Inwardly, your identity should also inspire your team and give a sense of pride. A strong and understood brand makes it clear what’s expected providing direction and motivation. It’s something everyone can rally around.

Make sure your brand permeates the whole practice, reflected always in everything you do.

If you’ve yet to do it, start building your brand now so everyone’s clear about what you stand for.


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