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Set the Tone

Updated: Mar 29

When it’s busy it’s easy to settle for keeping your head above water. That can become a trap so it’s important to take every opportunity to ensure you’re moving forward. 

It’s the role of the leaders to ensure this and if they are seen to be starting on a forward step the team are likely to do the same. Setting a positive, progressive tone is motivating for leaders and the team, and can also prevent a post holiday slump. 

The start of a year is an ideal time to do this and an opportunity to set the tone with some simple actions.

Take a step back.

Look beyond the immediate workload, what could you change that would really make a difference? Find the lasting, impactful changes that move the organisation forward.

Make it achievable.

Focus on the 2 or 3 ideas that best do this. These don’t have to be part of your bigger strategy; they can be operational improvements you’ve identified in the last year.

Share and involve the team. 

Let them know your thoughts and get their ideas. Make it clear it will be a year where the practice will progress. Setting a positive tone and involving others will motivate you and them. With everyone on board the chances of failure will also be reduced. 

The New Year can be a tough time so it’s important to start with a positive tone.


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