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Our passion
is leadership.

Our focus is Primary Care.

Leadership is key to the success of primary care.

We believe the best primary care is possible with exceptional leaders and managers. When you are faced with lots of challenges, and opportunities appear limited, it’s your leadership skills that separate success from failure.


We work with teams throughout primary care, with General Practice, Primary Care Networks and GP Federations, helping you develop the leadership skills needed for success.


Our services are for individual leaders and leadership teams, for clinicians and non-clinicians.


We start by identifying your leadership strengths and where you can improve to become an even better leader or leadership team. We then use the most effective delivery methods, and work with you to strengthen and expand your leadership skills.

Resources for download

We have a number of resources you can download that will help you with a variety of leadership and management activities. Where we can we make these free to download but a few need you to pay a small amount to access.


It’s worth checking on this page regularly as we like to add new resources, or you can sign up to our newsletter and we will let you know when a new resource has been uploaded.

Recent Resources

Clinical governance improvement document image
Clinical governance improvement document image
Managing frequent visiting patients eBook image
Business Planning Workbook eBook image
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