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A love and hate of networking

Networking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, maybe you avoid it like the plague? I like to network but I admit that I love it and hate it.

I love it because..

There are plenty of opportunities to learn.

I meet new people, with different experiences and skills. They provide a new perspective and often have great ideas.

I also see that I’m doing worthwhile things that others aren’t. It’s good there is something I can share.

I meet others who have the same challenges and frustrations. We can moan and despair together; it’s cathartic and reassuring.


I hate it because..

I meet people who seem so much better at what they do than me. They have more dedication, more energy, more success. I always come away feeling inferior and useless.

But I’m ok with that

Because at the same time they make me see what’s possible. How different can work and how we’re all different.

And so

I love it because..

These different, successful people I meet always inspire me. I go away ready to try new things with a new energy.

Collectively I see Practice Managers are a varied bunch. They’re hardworking, dedicated and intelligent and not recognised or appreciated anywhere near enough.

Networking might never be your thing but there’s certainly more to love than hate. 


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