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Please Don't Use Our Services

Updated: Mar 29

It's not your usual marketing message but it could be one for the NHS, particularly general practice.

Most businesses welcome customers as often as possible, we’d like to see patients as little as possible and only when necessary. The dilemma increases as patients use A&E not the GP, the GP not the pharmacist or self-care.

Usually when you want to sell your services, you make clear how good they are along with the virtues of using them. Instead should we say how bad they are? Probably not, even though Gerald Ratner proved this effective.

But instead of a persuasive sales approach the marketing messages most used are ones to raise awareness i.e. where to go and when. Nice but no great impact. Would it be more effective to promote the benefits of an alternative option over the current choice. Making the benefit for the individual patient clear.

Maybe it's time for a new approach, to change the marketing messages and shout the benefits of the right choice against the disadvantages of continuing the same choice.

Are we ready for:

‘A GP appointment takes more than 10 minutes from your day, self-care will take seconds.’

‘A&E at 11:00pm or GP Surgery at 9:00am?’

‘Your pharmacist will see you now...your GP will see you in 3 weeks.’

What’s your message?


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