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10 Rules for a Great Network.

Having a strong network is essential and it’s important to use it properly.

Here’s 10 simple rules for a great network that works for you and your connections.

1. Focus on the right connections. Your network should include those able to make decisions and those who can help with information or resources. You also want champions, those who will support you when needed.

2. Forget some others. It’s ok to lose touch with people who can’t help you. Leave time for those who can.

3. Give first. Requests for help are more likely to be answered if you’ve already helped them. Consider what help you can give and offer it first.

4 Stay in touch. A list of names won’t add anything. Stay in touch with, and interested, in your network.

5. Be a connection. Share your network with others. If you know someone who can help, share.

6. Share resources. If you find something new and of value be sure to share it with your network.

7. Include and collaborate. If you have a project that is too big, ask others to help and share the rewards.

8. Follow up. Keep your promises and always say thanks.

9. Respect confidentiality. Don’t share anything unless you’re sure it’s ok to do so.

10. Don’t be pushy. Be ready to back off. Not everyone can help every time.


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