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4 steps to better staff training

Training for non-clinical practice staff has never been well supported. Practice Managers often struggle to make it of value and enjoyable, and dread delivering it.

Yet it’s essential to improve skills and can help reduce complaints and mistakes. Outsourcing isn’t always possible so to make it less daunting, break it down into 4 parts:


Arguably the most important part.

First set learning objectives, by asking the team what they need to learn or fit to the practice goals.

Next create a plan for the session. Emphasise key points and include examples and discussion. It should start with the simplest information and build as understanding grows.


It doesn’t have to be like a classroom.

Make it more enjoyable and improve the learning with a mix of methods like demonstrations, role play and hands-on training. Always check progress regularly, asking, ‘does that make sense’.


You should always ask for feedback however you feel it went.

Without this you won’t know where it can improve or you’ll miss reassuring praise.


Lastly, measure against your training goals so you know if it worked.

Delivering training doesn’t have to be painful and do it regularly so learning is a habit and an expectation.


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