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Avoid a service that's bad for everyone.

Practices are often asked to deliver services that aren’t perfect. It leads to poor engagement and a bad use of funding, producing weak results and demotivated staff.

Sadly it’s not unusual and whether the service is from NHSE, CCG or practice, when designed it should always be tested against 3 criteria:




Is it deliverable? The resources and skills needed must be available. It should be affordable, financially viable and not carry an administrative burden. It must be practical to deliver.

Are the goals achievable?

It should meet the needs of patients and help them in the way intended. There must be the time available to do all that is required and any target set should be realistic.

Are the results measurable?

Success needs to be judged from the perspective of the patient, commissioner, and provider. Only collect the data that tells you if the goal has been achieved and it should be reliable and easily accessed.

Too often it seems these essential factors have not been considered. If it can’t be delivered, achieved or measured then it needs rethinking. If the services are designed together with those who will be delivering them and receiving them success is more likely.


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