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Beat you New Year Practice blues

New Year is a time when the blues can spread through the practice. A Practice Manager isn’t immune but needs to lead the way in raising spirits.

It’s easy to put it down to the time of year as the cause may not be clear but it’s better to tackle the issue.

One approach is to use the ‘Wheel of Life’ to help find the root of the blues. First draw a wheel with 8 spokes, each representing an aspect of the practice:

1. Health - healthy or struggling with stress and illness?

2. Finance - strong position or money worries?

3. Social life - all work or also fun together?

4. Relationships - does everyone get on, respect and support each other?

5.  Personal development - are individuals encouraged and helped to grow?

6. Support - is there a strong support network to turn to when needed?

7. Physical Environment - are premises and facilities, safe and pleasant for work?

8. Practice activities - are they exciting and engaging for patients and staff?

Next get the members of the team, or from their perspective, to give each spoke of the wheel a score out of 10. The lower scores are likely to be the root cause and where you should focus.

Work on these areas and do something about them to make everyone happier and lift your practice blues.


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