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Can you be Trusted?

It’s important you can, and essential for good relationships between practices, partners, manager, and the team. Right now, it’s vital for the success of Primary Care Networks.

Trust creates the positive bonds that allow us to work together confidently. Often taken for granted it is badly missed when it’s lost. In its absence will be suspicion, lack of unity and poor progress.

We can all build trust if we ensure it’s built on 5 pillars.

Honesty - always be truthful, if you lie, trust in you is damaged.

Openness - don’t keep others in the dark, it breeds fear and suspicion. If you’re wrong admit it and say sorry.

Reliability - be consistent and dependable. Commit to what you say you’ll do and don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Self-orientation - don’t focus only on your own interests but on those of all parties. Be interested in their views too, even if they differ to yours.

Communication - effective communication is crucial to make the messages that you send understood in the way you intend.

All are important and while increasing the value of the honesty, reliability and openness can increase trust, being more self-orientated will decrease trust.

Build your networks on these 5 pillars and allow time for trust to grow.


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