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Cracking Under Performance with the 5 C’s

Updated: Mar 29

Most managers have had someone in the team under-performing. Maybe you’ve puzzled over, or avoided the solution, limiting overall achievement, or maybe assuming more training is the answer. 

It often isn’t, and if the issue is to be corrected you need to know why it’s happening. 

An effective way of finding this out is going through the 5 C’s. It’s a tool that can be worked through as the manager or used as a framework for discussion.

At each step, if you can answer yes it allows for positive feedback and moving to the next C. If no is the answer, then a discussion and action is needed. 

Give this a try with your next under performance problem.

Capable – can they do the job, even with all necessary training and time.

Constraints – are you putting constraints in the way e.g. time, resources. If so remove them.

Clarity - have you made your expectations clear? What is to be achieved, by when?

Competence – do they have the skills and knowledge, or do you need to develop them through training or coaching?

Commitment- are they committed and engaged? If not, what would it need to get commitment? Or do they need to be moved to something else where they would be committed?

This tool is courtesy of Chris Locke


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