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Cross-Fertilise your Practice

Are you looking for ways to improve or innovate? Building on the best ideas from others is a good way to do this and Primary Care Networks provide a great opportunity.

The best ideas can be from somewhere completely different and removed from your practice. Cross-fertilising is about spotting them and making them work for you.

Be on the lookout.

Keep an open mind and be receptive to ideas, you might find them when you least expect them. Talk to colleagues and competitors, how did they solve the same problems as you? What do they do to succeed?

Build on the best ones.

It’s not about copying an idea but improving existing ones from elsewhere and adapting them to your needs. This way you can avoid mistakes others have solved, implement easier and gain success faster.

Create a cross- fertilisation group.

Forums to continually share and improve help keep innovation flowing. Use your PCN or Practice Manager Group to share ideas, or Patient Groups by asking if there is something that would make things easier for them and empower your team to come up with new ideas.

Get cross-fertilising now. Always keep an open mind, and if you see something that you think is really great ask yourself 'how can I apply that to my practice?'


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