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Teaching is a powerful way of learning

When you teach you also learn in so many ways.

I believe the best teachers and educators are the ones who work with an open mind, who want to engage and inspire, and seek to understand and empathise with those they're teaching or educating. Teach this way, and you too learn in so many ways:

📕 You learn from those you're teaching. They will have knowledge, skills, ways of doing things, insights and thinking that will be new to you.

📗 You deepen your own knowledge. As you prepare, teach and reflect on the subject you're teaching you deepen your own knowledge and skills.

📘 You improve as a teacher. The feedback you receive, and your own reflection, helps and directs you how to improve your skills in teaching, educating and facilitating.

📙 You become a better communicator. Through practise and trying new ways to successfully convey and transfer knowledge and encourage curiousity and excitement .

📒 You learn how to empathise and build relationships. You get better at understanding and developing strong connections between you and those you're teaching.

It’s certainly why I love teaching, educating and facilitating so much. Ever since gaining a PGCMDE I‘ve enjoyed and learnt at every opportunity delivering and facilitating workshops and tutorials, face 2 face or virtually, to clinicians and non-clinicians.

If you get the chance to teach, take it, it will also be a fantastic opportunity to learn.


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