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Is optimism one of your super powers?

If your glass is naturally half full, then you’re fortunate because optimism is probably your default position. As a leader that gives you a natural advantage.

Optimism is an essential leadership skill, and while the pessimistic leader will struggle to see how success can be achieved, to overcome barriers and build morale and team spirit a leader and optimist has many advantages.

🔶 They see the future more positively.

🔶 They see goals as achievable and work to attain them.

🔶 They embrace problem solving and creativity to find a solution to obstacles.

🔶 They will persevere with their plans even when the going is tough and progress is slow.

🔶 They are better able to build resilience and manage their own and others stress when under pressure.

🔶 They are better able to inspire and motivate others .

🔶 They encourage others to work collaboratively and more productively.

🔶 Their own optimism is transferred to others, building optimistic teams.

While we tend to think of optimism as something that is part of us, and we either are or are not, it is actually something we can develop.

So, If you feel your optimism needs a boost to become a superpower give these a try;

🔷 Don’t get derailed by setbacks, but pause and reflect to regain a positive perspective.

🔷 Consider all aspects and focus on the areas you can influence.

🔷 Identify the things and ways of working that power your confidence.

🔷 Seek out the lessons, and what is working well.


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