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Dear Santa (you’re more in touch with reality than the Health Secretary)

Updated: Mar 29

Everyone is so busy I thought I should write this letter for them. We’ve all been good, CQC might say requires improvement, so I hope you can give all these presents. 

Our receptionists need some patience, theirs is wearing a bit thin with constantly saying there’s no appointments. And could they have some tact and diplomacy as well?

Our doctors are feeling overwhelmed, so could you send a new doctor, better make it two, I’m sure we’ll lose another before long. 

The nurses, angels really, I’m not sure if they’d be better with a pay rise or wings. I think it had better be the pay rise, wings will cause a mutiny. 

Patients want a bit much sometimes, so could they have ‘self-care for dummies’, a map of local pharmacies, and some perspective on the NHS and how they can improve it?

Now the CQC, they seem to like sticks more than carrots. I’m sure your reindeer will be getting a lot of carrots, so could some get dropped off for the CQC, preferably from a great height. 

Lastly Practice Managers, an invisibility cloak. We’re told how important we are but for all the notice that’s taken of us we may as well be invisible. 

You can leave everything in the waiting room under the old tree.

Thank you Santa


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