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Dear Team

Updated: Apr 3

I want to make a commitment to you and I'm asking that you commit something in return. Don't worry, it's a good deal for you as I'm committing to eight things and I'm only asking for one back.

I believe my commitment is important if I'm to be a great leader and what I'm asking for in return will make you, and us, stronger and more successful as a team.

It's essential I earn your Trust, which isn't a given. I only deserve this through the impact of my positive behaviours and if I don't erode it with negative ones. To help gain your trust I commit to these positive behaviours:

  • Fair - I will treat you all fairly and without favouritism.

  • Supportive - when you need defending or championing, I will be ready to do this.

  • Decisive - if you need a decision, I’ll make it and not delay or procrastinate.

  • Consistent - In what I say and what I do.

  • Reliable - if I say I’ll do something, I will do it.

  • Rewarding - when you're deserving of praise and recognition, I’ll give it.

  • Correcting - if you make mistakes then I’ll tell you.

  • Developing - I’ll encourage and help you develop and improve.

If I can do all of this then I anticipate it will make it easier for you to do one thing in return:

  • Commit - to your goals, to your tasks and to each other as a team.

Yours together.


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