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Does your Practice have a Good Gossip?

I love a gossip, we all do. It’s part of the glue that keeps the team together, and adds some fun to the workplace. Well, sometimes it is.

It’s up to you as a manager and leader to make sure it does. It’s up to you to ensure it doesn’t become damaging and negative. You have to ensure it doesn’t encourage conflict or division, become inflammatory, or spreads falsehoods about others.

Gossip can be a positive part of the practice, if it’s correctly managed.


Lead a culture that is open and honest, and encourage the sharing of information and feedback, even if it’s uncomfortable. Provide a safe environment for staff to raise concerns and make sure they have opportunities to discuss any issues.



Communicate frequently and honestly about what is going on within the practice, and don’t leave blanks for others to guess and fill in. Encourage positive gossip where staff share positive stories about work, the practice and patients.



Set an example, don’t participate in gossip but steer the subject to something healthier and more positive. Quickly address any staff who are engaging in negative gossip, making it clear how their behaviour is affecting and disrupting the practice.


If you have a gossip, make it good.


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