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Empower your team and you help yourself.

You know the times when you feel overworked, not coping or not doing a good job? You might be the problem and part of the solution.

It’s the same when the team are bored, unhappy or always asking you for help.

When I see this I know I’m not empowering my team enough.

If I was they would know without asking me. They would be learning, contributing and enjoying their work. I would have less pressure and we would both be happier.

I need to change these six things:


Not dumping stuff on them, but with things that stretch them and allow them to develop.


I’ll define how they’re free to act so they can make decisions that work for them and the practice.


I’ll forgive these, it’s how they learn, but I’ll be clear what’s acceptable and what’s not.


I’ll accept they may do things differently to me, my way may not be the only way or the best way. I’ll also remember that micromanaging isn’t empowering.


I’ll make sure they’ve got the tools and resources they need, and that includes being a guide, mentor and advisor if needed.


I’ll visibly show that I trust them and I’ll give them clear direction, space and appreciation for their success and efforts.

Empowering others really does help you.


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