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Every Practice can be a Practice that Learns

If you want to improve your practice, make learning a part of everything you do. The benefits are significant and building a practice that learns can be simple and effective.

If the whole practice is continually learning then it’s also improving and the benefits from doing new things include greater trust, change as the norm and increased creativity.

A learning organisation isn’t a new idea or always understood but it’s a perfect fit for general practice. With some of what’s needed already in place, it’s easy to adopt and if simplified down to three aspects, makes it easy to create.

Learn from Your Experiences - making time and forums for this. Make sure information and ideas can be shared safely between teams and build the ability to learn through collecting and interpreting information and developing skills in reflection.

Create Experiences for Learning - by being open to ideas and trying new ways of working. This means being comfortable with risk and the unknown.

Learning Leadership – is needed from a leader, passionate about, embracing and involved in learning. They should reinforce learning through asking questions, challenging and listening to the team.

Try it, there’s nothing to lose from learning.


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