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Everyone at the meeting has a responsibility

Having been at yet another meeting where half those present sat silently, it made me consider the responsibilities that come with attending a meeting.

Silence isn’t the only issue at meetings. Some hold it up whilst seeking to clarify things that have gone by. Others hog the meeting through talking endlessly and unnecessarily.

Everyone who attends a meeting, in doing so, takes on responsibilities. When these aren’t met it fuels frustration, resentment and confusion.

Be Present

Not just physically but mentally too, and not submitting to distractions. Stay engaged and following the discussion, ready to take part and add value.

Be Up to Date

If information has been shared beforehand it should have been read. If there were prior conversations e.g. virtual, these should have been followed and taken part in. Be aware of what’s on the agenda. If a decision is required be ready to give your view.

Be Concise

Only say what’s needed to make your point, then stop. You don’t need to talk beyond that. Hog the discussion and others will lose interest and become frustrated.

If you’re chairing you should ensure others fulfil their responsibilities.

If you’ve been invited to a meeting, know what’s expected of you.


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