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From accidental leader to intentional leader

A rapidly changing primary care has created more Accidental Leaders; an unplanned and unexpected leadership role you might suddenly be thrown into. While an opportunity for success, they can begin in a despairing and directionless place.

Accidental Leaders often have responsibility but no support, a title but no training, accountability but no authority.

Often the Accidental Leader for something others have created, a Practice Manager may step in where others fail to lead. Primary Care Networks are an example,  where PM’s can’t be the formal lead but often need to provide the leadership.

Whenever you find yourself the Accidental Leader, it’s important to move from not being sure what you should do, to knowing exactly what you need to do and how to do it. You need to become an Intentional Leader intent on success. Your intention needs to be:

  • Having a clear vision of what success looks like

  • Leading whatever the challenges

  • Understanding your purpose and the value you add

  • Knowing your limitations and calling on those more able when needed

  • Creating and empowering teams, and making sure they know their role in success.

  • To act and not react.

Starting as an Accidental Leader is a chance to be a successful Intentional Leader.


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