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General Practice, a Peculiar Business

In many ways it’s also unlike any other business as it’s frequently not run as such.

Reliant on a single contract, with little chance of income growth and not always an understanding of the role of owners, staff and patients in success. It needs a leader to ensure the practice is run as a business.

It’s natural to expect Partners to do this but many see themselves as GP’s not business owners. They’re active in the practice but not always engaged in the business. They’re not skilled managers and can struggle to see beyond the short term.

Best placed for this is the Practice Manager. 

While the PM needs to be ‘given’ this responsibility there is much you can do to take the lead:

  • Regularly report to the partners on the state of their business.

  • Have a dedicated time for this and considering important strategic issues.

  • Make decisions for business reasons and not emotional or traditional ones.

  • In all cases give your recommendation and reason.

You must also educate the partners in their responsibilities towards the business. Challenge them, make them aware and if needed remind them ‘It’s their business’.

You don’t have to be the business owner to be the business leader. 


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