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Get ready to Negotiate

Many managers are uncomfortable negotiating, so do it badly or not all. Making successful deals can be vital if you’re managing a business so negotiating is a skill you should practice and master.

It’s easy to go with someone you know, or who seems nice, but that won’t always be the best option.

It might be tempting to take the first offer but without another to compare to how do you know you’re not paying too much or getting the best quality.

It can also be a mistake to think negotiating is all about price. Quality, quantity, delivery and additional extras are other things you can negotiate on to get you a better deal.

Negotiating isn’t always easy but stick with some basic rules and you can avoid making mistakes.

1. Be prepared. Know your facts and figures, what you need and who you’re dealing with.

2. Allow enough time and don’t rush.

3. Say what you want. If you concede a point get something for it.

4. Listen, you might learn something valuable.

5. See it as the start of a relationship, not a competition.

6. Aim high and have in mind what you’d like, what you want and what you’ll accept.

7. Don’t get hung up on one issue.

8. Be willing to walk away.

9. Avoid late surprises by confirming the terms agreed before signing anything.


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