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Get your Team Excited!

I like to get my team excited. Not all the time, that would be weird and exhausting, but there are times when I want them excited.

There are times when I want them to think big. To believe they can achieve the impossible, to have big goals, for our practice or PCN.

Without energy and excitement they’re unlikely to do that. They’re more likely to miss opportunities or settle for safe positions.

It’s part of the role of a leader to make sure the excitement is there when it’s needed. I want them to be enthused and inspired, to fuel a powerful start at the beginning of change or improvement projects. I need them to be excited when I want them to be innovative and to set ambitious goals.

If I want them excited I need to involve them. There needs to be a clear and inspiring vision that they all believe in. If they don’t know where they’re heading it’s unlikely they’ll be excited about it.

I need to challenge them to be bold so they see all the opportunities and possibilities and for them to believe they can achieve something fantastic. I want them to see how they all have a part to play in that, and an exciting and important contribution to make.

If I want them to aim for more than safe, then I need to make it exciting, and for them to be excited.


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