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Help! My Boss is Crying

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for a practice manager to have a partner in their office crying, or stressed, needing immediate support. It’s a difficult situation but there is a way forward.

‘Pull yourself together’ is rarely the right way but caring leadership can get everyone through.

Listen. Stop everything, close the door and listen. Empathise, calm the emotions, so you can move on to a rational discussion.

Identify the Issues. Talk it through, you need to establish two things. The immediate issue that’s caused the crisis now, and the real, deeper, issue.

Find the Solution. It’s probably more than one. For the immediate issue it’s what ensures you get to the end of the day. For the deeper issue it may not be immediately apparent, but you should at least agree how you’re going to come back to this.

Take Action. What are you going to do right now and what next, for the bigger problem? Highlight the positive actions showing you’ve listened and taken it seriously. 

Share Support. Make sure ongoing support is shared. If appropriate let others know and ask for their support too.

Check In. They may still be fragile so keep a watchful eye to make sure the solutions are working, and stress levels aren’t rising again.


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