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How we should measure patient experience

Replying to a complaint made me think how do we measure patient experience? Not an annual survey, limited in value, but a meaningful all-encompassing measure.

In other sectors this is valued information but how do we do it in general practice?

It should look at the whole experience along the patient journey. Measured at all the touch points and the factors at these that have an impact.

It’s not impossible, it’s something every practice can do. It can be done with a mix of survey, assessment and data. It probably looks something like this.


Patient communication and engagement

Phone and online access

Practice hours

Appointment availability and choice


Premises and parking

Waiting time

Clinician manner and skills

Consultation outcome

Continuity of care


Prescription turnaround

Getting test results


Complaints and compliments

Repeat attendances

Imagine the story the results could tell. The clarity a practice would have to make decisions. The confidence it would provide patients and regulators. Tracked over time and the picture is clearer. Benchmarked with others and the opportunities to share and support are greater.

Is this how you measure patient experience?


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