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Increase your Visibility if you’re Leading through a Crisis.

A crisis is not the time for a leader to head for the office and hide. As anxiety levels rise, so does the need for a reassuring presence and for the team to see someone calm and confident at the forefront.

Doctors hands consoling patient

A crisis is a time for Leaders to increase their visibility.

It’s a time to get out and about and talk, to ease any uncertainty and fear.

Talk to individuals

Connect at a one to one level it’s more powerful than group messages.

Make it informal

Avoid management speak and talk at informal times like lunch or coffee, where you’re more likely to have open conversations.

Be Present

To have an impact be committed mentally and emotionally. Really listen, and empathise with what you’re being told and be ready to share how you’re feeling and what you’re hoping for.

Small gestures are big

Don’t overlook the power of small gestures. It’s important to know everyone’s names and personal facts that are important to them. They need to know you’re connecting on a personal level.

Open and Honest

Share what you’re really thinking and feeling, don’t hide or play safe, it helps to show you’re vulnerability too. If you’re asked a direct question make sure you answer it properly.

You might want to hide but you need to be visible.


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