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Iron Out Your Decision Making

Making a shedload of big decisions is what’s expected of a Practice Manager. They are who others turn to and expect that every decision they make will be a good one. It adds to the pressures they’re under but they’re the manager so they must be able to do it, right?

Sometimes the way we make decisions contributes to why they go wrong. If we can iron out the common pitfalls then it can help improve our decision making and reduce the stresses that go with it.

Don’t procrastinate - don’t hide behind needing more information as an excuse for not making a decision.

Don’t always follow the crowd - just because someone else has decided something it doesn’t make it the best decision.Don’t ignore other perspectives - look at the reaction that others may have to the decision and let it inform your choice.

Don’t only see what you want - check that you’re not biased towards what’s easy or pleasing.

Don’t be blinded by information - too much info can get in the way and prevent you seeing what matters.

Don’t just go for the latest thing - whether it’s information or a solution the latest thing isn’t necessarily the best.

Don’t ignore unintended outcomes - what will be the broad impact of the decision and are there any downsides.


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