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Is Your Practice on top of its Income and Marketing?

It’s important to maximise your income and to focus your marketing activities on doing this.

How many of the questions below can your practice answer yes to? It may not be all, but see how many.


·         Do you know where all of your current income comes from?

·         Do you know how much is NHS and private?

·         Are you taking advantage of all available NHS income?

·         Do you categorise your private income?

·         Are you trying to increase your private income?

·         Do you chase your debtors?

·         Do you use the allowed time before paying creditors?

·         Is your list size increasing?

·         Are you trying to increase your list size?

·         Do you have an annual marketing plan?

·         Do you actively market your practice and services both externally and internally?

·         Are you using social media to promote your practice and services?

·         Do you use your website as a marketing tool for your practice?

·         Do you regularly update your website?

·         Is your waiting room information clear and targeted towards what you want to achieve?

·         Do you find out what your patients’ views are?

·         Do you monitor your competitors services and marketing?


If you answered yes to all, well done, you’re taking care of your income and marketing.


If not, well now you know where you can improve. It’s time to start!


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