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Is Your Practice on top of its Strategic Management?

Strategic Management is so much more than just having a ‘strategy’. How many of the questions below can your practice truly answer yes to?

Very few practices will answer yes to all of them. Have a try.

Does everyone know where you’re heading (your vision)?

Does everyone know how you’re going to get there (your strategy)?

Does everyone know what behaviours are expected along the way (your values)?

Have you articulated this in a single concise statement (your purpose)?

Is your journey broken down into steps (your goals)?

Have you got everything needed to get there (your people and resources)?

Does everyone know what they have to do and when they have to do it (your implementation plan)?

Do you review your strategy annually?

Is your strategy aligned with national and local plans?

Do your operational processes support your strategy?

Have you identified all your key partners and stakeholders?

Are you measuring how you’re doing?

Are you reporting how you’re doing?

Have you shared all of the above, where appropriate, with your team, patients and stakeholders?

If you answered yes to all, well done, you’re on top of your strategic management.

If not, well now you know what you should be doing. It’s time to start!


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