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Is your Vision Clear?

At a time of change in primary care there is much confusion and inertia. Creating your vision is a way to unlock your organisation and move forward. 

Although often misunderstood, your vision focuses on the future and what you want to be. Stating where you are heading, it is aspirational and motivating. It is not a mission which concentrates on present activities and aims, or a strategy to achieve your goals.

Why you need a Vision. 

If you're a practice, a federation or CCG without a vision then you are more likely to drift. Instead a clear, well communicated vision provides direction, focus and a shared purpose. It also allows for stronger, achievable plans; the certainty of destination allowing for clarity in direction.

How to create your Vision. 

Your vision statement can be a single or several sentences, but it should be clear, simple and concise.

  • Set a time frame, maybe 5 to 10 years in the future. 

  • Take your time, facilitation can be helpful, and involve the right conversations and people. 

  • Think big, it may help to picture the organisation and its activities. 

  • When written, ensure it is credible and conveys passion. 

Creating your vision should be enjoyable. Now make sure you share it with your team and commit to achieving it!


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