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It’s Time to Improve Patient Experience Management

Updated: Mar 29

Many businesses tell you the value of customer experience management. Yet in the NHS patient experience is high profile but poorly managed and resourced. 

Tools used are FFT, surveys and patient groups which are blunt and ineffective. Look at other sectors to see the value produced by a range of tools. Online surveys, email and text channels are more effective ways of gathering data.

Let’s move from collecting retrospective opinion to a greater focus on specific points, real time feedback and turning patients into drivers of change.

If we don’t know what experience we’re going to deliver, we need to define a standard and measure it.

And don’t measure after the event in a broad retrospective way but look at touchpoints along the whole journey, seeking feedback on specific activities. Gather feedback on patient experience ‘real time’ through ‘text’ facilities, social media and data collection.

Don’t rely on permanent membership patient groups, but focus groups formed for design and feedback of specific areas.

Build ‘fan groups’ of positive advocates to get others on board and drive messages through social media, blogs, events and testimonials.

Everything else in the NHS is changing, so must patient experience management.


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