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It’s your Personal Development Plan so own it

Development opportunities for Practice Managers are few and often poor. PMs are the forgotten leaders in primary care, their development not a priority for NHSE, CCG’s or Partners.

You’ll wait a long time for someone else to create your PDP. Better to do it yourself, this way you own it.

What is it?

Your PDP is your plan for achieving your careers goals. It details your objectives and areas you’d like to improve, and the personalised actions to achieve this. It gives you direction and keeps you moving forward.

Why do it?

A PDP shows where you’re heading and how to get there. It’s your personal road map that makes your decision making easier and helps you to stay motivated and measure your progress.

How to do it?

Make sure you’re accurate and honest in outlining your goals. What does the end success look like?

You should identify your current strengths and also where you need to improve, especially if your goals depend on this.

It has to be realistic as do the timescales and the actions you’re going to take. You also need to build in a way of measuring your progress.

Lastly, share it with a manager or mentor to support and push you.

It’s your PDP and it’s unlikely anyone else will build it for you.


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