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Lead with Love

Love in the context of leadership isn’t new or weird.

Doctors hands consoling patient

It’s important, and more so in times of crisis, where strong, visible leadership is needed. Strong as in showing the right amount of concern and support, to bring people together and get the best from them.

It’s leadership using love in the broadest sense:


Keep communicating and make it safe for others to do so. Keep the team involved and informed, to avoid guesses, and anxiety.


Listen to what’s said, and as importantly, not said. Ask questions, explore all perspectives, and make it clear you are hearing.


Don’t judge or blame, but offer empathy. Sensitivity and flexibility is needed if your team is overwhelmed.


No one is perfect, but we all have flaws. Be tolerant and forgiving of mistakes, and build a culture where your team are safe in their vulnerabilities and ready to seek help when needed.


Show appreciation and offer encouragement if you see someone struggling. Let them know they’ll be supported if things go wrong.


Mean it when you ask your team how they’re doing. It’s important to notice if someone is having a bad day, your team want to know you care about them.

If you want to be a strong leader, then don’t forget to love.


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