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Leadership is so often misunderstood

Some interesting conversations in the last few weeks have really highlighted how leadership is so often misunderstood and disregarded by many in primary care.

Doctors hands consoling patient

One comment made to me recently typified this perfectly; 


"can you train our receptionists and admin staff so they know how to follow us"


Those who think they are a leader often believe this for completely flawed reasons. If your belief in your position as a leader is based on the sorts of reasons listed below then that's going to be damaging for you, and those you falsely believe you are leading.  


❌ I’m the most senior

❌ I own the business

❌ I have ’Partner’ in my job title 

❌ I have ‘Manager’ in my title

❌ I have the highest qualifications

❌ I am the highest paid

❌ I don’t mind telling people what to do

❌ I’m willing to make unpopular decisions

❌ I work the longest hours

❌ I’ll do what no one else wants to do

❌ I can do things others can’t

❌ I have knowledge that others don’t


If however, the sentence below is a more accurate reflection, then congratulations. That really does sound like you understand and respect your role as a leader.


✔ I know that none of the above make me a leader which is why I’ve developed the skills and behaviours needed to enable me to lead effectively.


If you want to get to that second sentence, there’s nothing stopping you. I’d start by getting an assessment of your leadership skills and use that to build your own leadership development program.


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