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Look for Leaders

Updated: Apr 3

The NHS is at a time and need for change, nowhere more than in general practice. Leaders are needed, brave hearts and visionaries, to take us forward. There is plenty of talk, some leadership development, but not enough leaders.

Look past the expected.

More leaders need to be found and we should look beyond where we’d expect to find them. They don't have to be the owner, partner, or those at the top of the hierarchy or pay scale, it could be the manager, nurse or other team member. They don't have to be those with power, or control. They do have to be those with vision.

Seek out the ready.

The leaders are the ones able to point to the horizon, who can describe with passion and clarity and say with conviction, that is where we need to head. Being a leader must be their choice but wherever they may be

  • Seek those ready to take responsibility.

  • Find those willing to stand up and be visible.

  • Look for those willing to make decisions.

Be an advocate.

If you’re not ready to be a leader, but see someone who can fulfil that role, there is still much you can do. Leaders cannot lead alone; they may need you to be their powerful advocate.

Be ready to support them, provide knowledge and resources, and allow them to be the leader we need.


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