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Patient centred leadership.

Updated: May 27

Patient centred leadership. Where is it and what does it look like?

Doctors hands consoling patient

There are lots of different styles of leadership written about, taught and practised but rarely if ever does that include 'patient centred leadership'. It’s not a new idea, but there isn't much to see or be found beyond this Kings Fund report from 2013, ‘Patient-centred leadership Rediscovering our purpose’

It seems such a glaring absence for general practice and primary care, where it is arguably easier to have than the wider NHS. So, what would a patient centred leader look like; 

✅ A leader with the skills and willingness to engage with patients. 

✅ A leader with the ability to create a safe, equitable environment so patients engage feely and confidently. 

✅ A leader who believe it’s not only the right thing but a valuable and necessary thing to do. 

If you have a purpose to; 'improve outcomes and experience for patients', then leaders must be patient centred. They should be engaged with patients as they do the practice and team.

But, what would patient centred leadership look like in action: 

✅ Leaders regularly checking in with patients. 

✅ Making sure they are satisfied and benefitted by the practice and services received. 

✅ Making sure they are supported by patent education and the ability to self care. 

✅ Getting, and acting on, patient feedback on the vision, changes and new initiatives. 

✅ Encouraging patients to educate, champion and be advocates for the practice.  

✅ Sharing information and data proactively, openly and transparently with patients. 

✅ Having an ethos of collaboration between patients and practice. 

✅ Patients that are involved in recruitment and induction of the practice team  

Patient centred leadership may not be the way things have been done, or the easiest thing to do, but surely patient centred leadership has to be the right thing.


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