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Patient Experience, what’s it all about!

Updated: Mar 29

Patient experience is more than a latest interaction. It's also wider reaching and everything that gives an impression such as physical environment, access, online services. 

It's how you’re viewed by patients over the duration of the relationship with them. 

This longer, broader view isn’t captured by a single method but is important. If it's declining, so could your popularity and performance. It can also indicate other problems e.g. access, clinician performance, customer service.

So how do you make sure it’s excellent?

Understand your patients. You should have basic demographics, but it’s also what they need, want and expect. 

What patient experience will you deliver. What do you need to do to make it excellent and more? Ensure an emotional connection e.g. make them feel cared for, involved. 

Capture feedback to measure it. An annual survey isn’t enough, nor is Friends and Family. Build a dashboard to include complaints, compliments, reviews, focus groups, PPG feedback.

Develop the practice and team. To deliver the experience and get regular feedback from them on how it’s working.

Measure the effect. Look for a positive reward in list size or where you’ve focused e.g. online services.

You provide an experience so make it positive.


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