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Planning to Improve, get a PIP

Good ideas are often found in other sectors and a school improvement plan (SIP) is a concept that works well for primary care.

At the start of the year, when plans are made for the year ahead, using a SIP model to create a Practice Improvement Plan (PIP) gives one plan that can help achieve excellent outcomes for patients and stakeholders. Created as a single document, an essential element is how it links goals, monitoring and appraisal, to deliver improvement. 

To build your PIP start by identifying all areas to improve; think in terms of CQC criteria, practice KPIs, CCG dashboard or patient survey. Next agree priorities, key actions and criteria for success. Through the year these are used to evaluate progress and also for appraisal. Together with these key characteristics are:

  • quantitative and qualitative success criteria.

  • objectives for improvement must be SMART.

  • responsibility assigned for actions.

  • timeline for implementation with key dates and/or milestones.

  • details of how the impact will be evaluated.

A PIP can help any practice improve and is an ideal tool for practice groups, federations and CCGs. So, if you’re making your plans make one overarching plan to deliver improvement. 

Make it a PIP.


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