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Real Leaders are Always Leading.

Can you turn leadership on and off or are leaders always leading? There are some who feel they’re leaders because of occasional instances of what they feel is leadership. But leadership is more of a permanent mindset and not something you can turn on or off.

Doctors hands consoling patient

Without leadership problems will soon appear. You’ll have unhappy, demotivated staff, the practice will start to drift as it no longer moves forward, and success and goals will rarely be achieved.

True, you can step back from leading, for a period or project, but Real Leaders are always leading. They’re always aware and ‘on’ even if they’ve consciously and temporarily stepped back.

Even when a leader briefly steps back they still keep leading.

They understand the practice culture and its needs.

They’re ready to have difficult conversations, to make decisions and take responsibility.

They will still be looking forward, identifying opportunities, and be ready to lead change.

They will be focused on the bigger picture, and not what appears to be immediately in front of them.

They’re intent on following the strategy and achieving the goals.

They always have a clear vision of what success looks like.

Real Leaders are the ones Always Leading, even when they’re not. Are you?


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