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Rest and Recharge or Stay Connected

Updated: Mar 29

A week's work is significant and two is huge so what do you do on annual leave? Do you rest and recharge to ensure you're better able to cope or do you stay connected to work making it easier when you return? There’s an argument for both.

Rest and Recharge. Surely, it's what a holiday is for? Ensuring you return in the best physical and mental health to face the challenges.

It helps to have a good out of office reply directing to an alternative contact and to leave work devices behind. If not turn off alerts, don't access work content and let the practice know they shouldn’t contact you. Instead leave things with an able deputy or get projects to a point they can be paused for the length of your absence.

Stay Connected. Maybe harder to argue, and technology makes it tempting and easy to do.

There might be issues only you can manage, and keeping a connection ensures work projects don’t suffer through your absence. When you return it's certainly quicker to plug back in if you've retained a connection. It might be what others at work would like but for family and friends with you it might be better to set a time limit on work related activity.

I'm on holiday now and I know what I'm going to do.

So, what do you do, Rest and Recharge or Stay Connected?


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