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The 8 Rules of Managing Upwards

Practice Managers need to manage upwards to manage GP partners. There’s no doubt the better you do it the easier everything is for you and the team. Master this crucial skill and your job can be more satisfying, and the practice more successful.

Doctors hands consoling patient

Here’s 8 golden rules of managing up:

Know what they want

Find out what’s important and what stresses them. The easier you make their job the easier your own will be.

Communicate effectively

Everyone communicates differently, so use their preferred method, is it talking, email or written reports? Do this and you’ll be more effective and persuasive.

Show your skills

You’ll be better than they are at some things. Make it clear by sharing your skills and knowledge.

Give solutions

You’ll be viewed more positively if you have solutions rather than continually highlighting problems.

Keep them informed

Let them know what progress is being made, or they’ll think nothing is being done. It’s also a chance for issues to be flagged before it’s too late.

Share bad news

Share problems straight away, even your mistakes, before they become bigger.

Stay neutral

Multiple bosses means multiple relationships. Always be professional, avoid showing favouritism and always be fair.

Don’t blame them

You’ll gain nothing.


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