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The Benefit of Being Different

A unique selling point is not usually something a practice considers but there are many benefits to having what should be a key part of your identity.

Associated with attracting customers and setting you apart from others, it can also bring a positive impact in other ways. 

Outwardly, it can attract patients, increasing list size and income. It's easier for stakeholders to see shared goals and lend support and, communicated clearly, it can be used to increase the focus and success of recruitment. 

Inwardly it can be a focus for creating your vision and values. It helps provide direction, guides the team and clarifies expectations. Being part of a practice recognised for something that is unique, and successful, can also be hugely motivating.

There are many ways you can create a strong, beneficial USP. Examples may be:

  • Superior access - times and availability of appointments.

  • Skilled clinicians - multidisciplinary, specialism.

  • Patient focused - patient engagement, self-care programs.

  • Technology - e consults, online services, mobile technology.

Whatever makes you unique, ensure its beneficial, make it obvious, commit to it and make it a clear part of your communications so everyone can see what you do that others don't.


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