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The Practice Manager of the Future

The Practice Manager of the future will not be the same as the past. Leadership and greater skills will be essential for an elevated, prominent role in the new landscape.

Current changes in primary care are shaping the role and alongside increased regulation we are already seeing three things:

  • An increasing number of larger organisations.

  • The importance of running them as businesses.

  • Collaboration is essential.

So, what will the future Practice Manager be?

The Leader.

Providing leadership, looking forward and ensuring there's a clear vision. Identifying opportunities, you’re leading the change and creating a positive culture.

First class business skills.

Not as involved in day to day tasks but still an exceptional manager. From a higher, strategic level you're driving the success of the business. You have specialists supporting you, providing the data which you understand and gain insight from.

A Collaborator.

As well as a great leader you're a strong communicator able to build relationships and partnerships. At ease with regulation, you successfully influence, innovate and shape the future.   

It's exciting times with real opportunities, if you're not already there it could be hang on, get there, or get out!


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