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Want to be a Better Leader or Manager? Then Ask Your Team.

It’s the time of year when you’re making plans for the next 12 months. Maybe that’s to be a better Leader or Manager, but how? 

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You’ll have your own ideas but they might be areas that interest you, you’re most comfortable with or are the easiest. They might not cover what’s needed. 

If you’re wondering what you should improve on why not ask others what they think would make you a more effective Manager and Leader? 

Ask them 

  1. To mark you out of 10 for how you did in the last year

  2. Which were the areas that lowered your score

Now decide which of these you’ll improve and how?

Be held to account by declaring the results and 

Make a commitment by tellIng them what you’re going to do to improve. 

Asking others may not always be entirely comfortable but it’s an approach with some advantages: 

  • It increases self-awareness telling you how you’re perceived by others.

  • It’s provides a balanced view that gives a fair and more accurate picture.

  • It uncovers your blindspots that you might not otherwise see.

  • It improves relationships as others feel valued and trusted when you ask their opinion. 

Being a better leader and manager can be an enlightening and empowering experience.

Start by asking for your marks out of 10.


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