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Would you fill a leadership gap?

Failure often happens because of poor or no leadership. We’ve all seen this but, if you could, would you step forward and fill the gap?

Many feel they can’t because they lack the right position or experience. Sometimes no one wants to, or is ready to, but don’t let a lack of title or position stop you; leadership isn’t about seniority or hierarchy.

It needs those with a broad far reaching view and more than just clinical skills and experience to step up when leaders are absent or failing.

If you see a way to succeed when others can’t, be confident in your vision and ability to lead. You might not feel you’re the obvious choice but you may have all that’s needed.

It may be that you have an alternative, more attractive and feasible vision, knowledge or access to the needed resources or connections. Or it could be that you have the energy, enthusiasm or levels of trust to deliver success.

There may also be much for you to gain personally. Providing leadership, even temporarily, can be a great way to develop new skills and it can also greatly improve your credibility and reputation. It might also achieve something that will benefit your practice that otherwise might not happen.

So, if you see a gap, step forward.


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