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Your Relationship with your New Boss is up to you!

A new boss can mean an anxious time for a Practice Manager, whether that’s joining a new practice or a new partner joining you. It’s a new relationship with unknown expectations, different dynamics and a situation you quickly want to get on top off so it doesn’t turn bad.

Don’t leave it to personality and chance, take the initiative, get to know each other and you can make sure it’s a good relationship.

Ask Questions

There’s a time for listening and watching but also for asking questions and being direct about what’s wanted.


Have Clear Expectations

Make sure you know what’s expected of you. What you should be prioritising, and how and when you need to report back.


Improve Their Ideas

Be willing to work with their ideas. They may not be yours, and may not be perfect, but it’s an opportunity to make them better.


Be Ready To Change

A new boss will be different so there’s no point comparing them to your old one. A new approach may be needed and you may need to change.


Present Solutions 

You don’t want to be recognised as someone who only sees problems and creates obstacles. It’s better to be the one with solutions, even to other people’s problems.

Relationships can be bad because of what you don’t do, so start the right way!


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