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20 Simple Rules for Being Great at Leading your Team

Updated: Mar 29

There are many lists of rules to help you be a great leader and manager; this is the simple stuff. 

It’s not always done but can matter hugely to your team.

  1. Make the tea and coffee - it's your job too!

  2. Get your hands dirty – be willing to help on the front line.

  3. Know everyone's name - at the very least.

  4. First thing of the day walk round and say hello.

  5. Last thing of the day walk round and say goodbye.

  6. Pay compliments – everyone likes to hear something nice.

  7. Say thank you - if someone has helped you.

  8. Give praise – if someone has done a great job, let them know.

  9. Ask for help – if you need it, ask others to help you.

  10. Be interested in the team – they’re individuals first, employees second.

  11. Say yes - if you can.

  12. Say no - if you can't, don't leave them hanging.

  13. Leave them to it - if they know what to do don't interfere.

  14. Give advice - if they're stuck or unsure.

  15. Teach them - help them to develop.

  16. Back them up – let them be sure they can rely on you.

  17. Make sure they have fun.

  18. Ask for opinions - show you value their views and ideas.

  19. Let them take the glory – shine it on them, don't steal it.

  20. Let others know how good they are - praise them in the presence of others.


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